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The Mentor Program

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  • Online Coaching

    Skyrocket your success in your personal and social life. Get private 1 on 1 weekly coaching calls.

  • Fine Tune Your Game

    Receive affordable mentoring that will help you fine tune your skills with weekly, focused improvement plans for your development.

  • Detailed Feedback

    Overcome any sticking points and work on the key elements that will help you achieve success with women in a shorter timeframe.

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Built For Real Action Takers

  • Personalized Coaching

    Expect to set compelling goals for yourself. Accomplish these goals through customized coaching, tailored specifically for you. You’ll work with real-world experts to achieve what matters most to you.

  • Save Yourself Time & Money

    The amount of time, money, and travel needed to invest into one of our bootcamps isn’t always feasible. Take advantage of our live, in-person, online video coaching from anywhere in the world and get the results you never thought were possible.

  • Expert Advice

    You will get advice from instructors that have years of real, in-field experience. Sami has over 8 years of coaching experience and a motivated team by his side with special knowledge in daygame, nightgame, dancefloor game, men’s fashion and lifestyle, and many other subjects.

  • Get Daily Answers To Your Questions

    You’ll have the answers you need at your fingertips when you join our private mastermind group on Facebook. This is a safe, judgment-free space where you can post questions or comments and receive feedback from fellow members and instructors on a daily basis.

  • Live Weekly Calls

    You will have questions along the way. Get those questions answered every week and get the feedback you need to overcome any obstacle. We will help you build a stronger mindset and attitude that attracts naturally.

  • Weekly Infield Assignments

    This program is also a lot of FUN! Get out there in the field with our challenging and inspiring exercises (that we normally only teach to our bootcamp students) that will boost your confidence and give you that liberating feeling of having freedom from outcome.

If you decided that you need help improving your skills with women but can't afford a several thousand dollar bootcamp - This is the place to be.

Sami, Founder of Ministry of Attraction
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I created the mentor program to help guys world wide obtain professional help. My success in life with women, business, health, nutrition & fitness all came from having mentors. People who had tried and tested methods, ideas, and techniques and spent years perfecting their art. Isaac Newton once said "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants".

This could not be more true. I am at the level where I have been travelling around the world for several years helping men achieve results they could only previously dream of. I have taken it upon me to mentor those in need of guidance and have given them the results they deserve in a fraction of the time it takes.

The mentor program has helped beginners, intermediates and even advanced see that there is no limit to what they can achieve.

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If I have done one thing that has made me who I am today, it has been surrounding myself with people who are much better than me.

Sami, Founder - Ministry of Attraction


Decide today for yourself that you're finally committing to getting better with women. With our team on your side, there is nothing that can stop you.

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    We Set Up An Improvement Plan For You

    During our first talk we'll make sure that we get to know you and see if you're the right fit for our training program. After our call you'll receive a small improvement plan from us where we set goals for the upcomming month.

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    You Select Your Package

    We understand that selecting the right plan is a well considered decision. Therefore, you can decide how frequently you want to call with us.

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